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We transform your work processes and ideas into applications

  • Bring your brand and services closer to your customers with fast and smooth applications for fast and easy user navigation.
  • Apps that your users will keep because we reduce battery consumption to a minimum to avoid premature uninstallation.
  • Lightweight applications . We create lightweight mobile and web applications that will occupy less space and load quickly for the satisfaction of your users.
  • All your data in security because Data security is an area on which we focus our efforts so that you can guarantee it to your users.

  • Success is knowing how to surround yourself with the best. Surround yourself with our experienced team and secure your investment.

What type of applications for your company


Native mobile applications

These are mobile applications designed for a specific mobile platform such as ANDROID, IOS or WINDOWS. This type of application has the advantage of being able to use all the features of the device and can be used offline if this mode has been configured. They are perfect for a very specific target group that uses a given type of device.

Application mobile native / native mobile application


application web / web application

Web applications

They are websites whose display has been optimized for mobile phones. This type of application allows you to use 80% of the device's features such as geo-location and camera access. But you can't access the phone book, for example. They have the advantage of working on any type of device whether it is phone (Android and iPhone), tablets and computers. The cost of production is affordable..


Hybrid applications

These are "mixed" applications that combine the advantages of native and web applications. Like web applications, they work regardless of the type of device : mobile phones (android, iOS), tablets and computers. Like native applications, they provide access to 100% of the device's features. Hybrid applications include progressive web applications.

application hybride / Hybride application
application multi-plateforme

Multi-platform applications

Or cross platform applications. These are applications that can be installed on an Android, ios or Windows terminal. They are different from web applications because cross-platform applications can be installed in a mobile device as a native application. While accessing web applications via a browser such as Firefox or google chrome.

How to create an effective mobile app at Techsoft?

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