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Why should you create your website at TechSoft web agency ?

  • Attracting more customers: when a website is not visible on the first page of search engines like Google, it is useless because nobody notices it. We design professional and modern websites, optimize them for SEO with the latest techniques to ensure maximum visibility, so that it will attract more customers.
  • Engaging your visitors: as an experienced UX designer, we create website and web applications that are easy to handle and fun to use; to deliver the ultimate user experience.
  • Because your company's image deserves the best: as passionate people, we thrive to make each web project becomes a work of art that will have an impact. We put the best of ourselves and the lessons we have learned over the years into it.
  • We know that this project is important to you : We accompany you through the entire process and share our project experience with you to avoid mistakes made by others before you.

  • Success is knowing how to surround yourself with the best. Surround yourself with our experienced team and secure your investment.

What type of website would you like for your company


Create a responsive website

We Create responsive and professional website (able to adapt on different screens: phones, tablets, PC and desktop). Apart from the advantage that this represents for SEO (the position of your website in Google search results), it considerably improves the browsing experience of your website and allows your users to easily find the information they need on your website.

site web responsive / responsive xebsite


site internet amp / amp websites

Create an AMP website

AMP for Accelerated mobile pages is a new format set up by Google to display websites faster on mobile devices. The speed of loading pages is one of the key factors that is taken into account for the position your website will occupy in search engine results. Whether you want to migrate your website to AMP or design a new AMP website, you can rely on our years of proven experience and our daily updated skills.


Create an E-commerce website

You have an E-commerce project, whether it is under drupal commerce, prestashop, woocommerce, magnento or code from scratch, our expert team will give life to your ideas and build a viable, secure and easy to maintain solution. We assist you throughout the process and you can benefit from our expertise through our advice and recommendations. Remember that success is knowing how to surround yourself, surround yourself with the TechSoft web agency team and secure your investment.

site web ecommerce
application web progressive

Create a Progressive Web Application (PWA)

PWA (Progressive Web Application) is a new form of application offered by Google. It is presented as the future of mobile applications. In fact, it is a web application (like a website) that can be installed on mobile phones and interact with phones via functions like camera access among others. If you have a small budget and need to choose between a website and a mobile application, choose a progressive web application. We will build your application according to the rules with the latest technologies.


development of Chatbots

A bot is a computer program capable of automatically executing tasks. Chatbots (Chat="discussion" and bot come from "roBOT") automatically chat with your customers to ensure 24/7/365 customer service. Save your customers time. Indeed, customers no longer need to go to a branch office to obtain some information or carry out some operations. You save money by reducing customer relationship costs and improving the user experience when using your services. Want to jump in? Don't leave such an important tool in anyone's hands by fear of having the opposite effect. Be rigorous and hire TechSoft web agency. We design intelligent bots based on artificial intelligence.


How to create your professional website at TechSoft?

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