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Benefits of a good design for your website

While SEO aims to attract users to your website, good design aims to keep these visitors on the site, convert them and build loyalty. A good design makes reading easier. It also makes it easier to find information and encourages users to take action. Most importantly, a successful design leaves an unforgettable first impression on your customers or partners and will set you apart from the competition.

Some statistics on web design


of people are less likely to come back to your website after a bad experience.

$300 M

It's the additional revenue generated by amazon after the redesign of a single button.


Of people say that website's design is the number One factor in a company's credibility.


Stop visiting your website if images take too long to load.

Our steps to an incredible design


The target audience and goals

We analyze the objectives of the project, as well as the target audience. What are the expectations and habits of this target group? This is a crucial step in producing an application that users will love to use.


user path

This involves matching the functionalities of the website or application to the expectations and habits of the users. Designing a pathway that will facilitate navigation and increase the conversion rate.



Here we define the architecture of the website or application, the different pages, the different interactions, the relationships between the different pages..



Here it is about drawing manually ( at TECHSOFT we prefer to do it manually with pencils and paper) the pages (or views) of the website or applications.


Graphic design

The drawings on paper take shape and colour on photoshop (or illustrator, indesign, Sketch). The visual aspects of the website are worked on in detail: colours, images, logo, font, etc.


HTML5/CSS3 integration

In some cases the work may be limited to the previous step. This step consists in translating the previous graphics into computer source code..

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